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T.VST59S.63KP Firmware Free Download (All Resolutions)

Hi and welcome back guys to soft4led.com In today’s Latest post you will be able to get the collection of T.VST59S.63KP Firmware from here. We have provided here all the latest and very useful Firmware Software and Dump files collection for the T.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Universal Non-Smart LCD/LED TV board. If you want to download the Firmware for your LCD/LED TV, you can do it easily in just a few seconds. But first of all, you have to confirm which T.VST59S.63KP Firmware resolution is suitable for your LCD/LED Screen Panel and the Main Board.

First, Match your mainboard model with the T.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Software mainboard model, then check the resolution of your screen panel from the datasheet of the particular display panel. It will be 1366×768 or 1920×1080 whatever your panel’s resolution is. Now you can find the best suitable resolution match for your TV. After that, if you have found it then just click on the download button and the T.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Firmware file will be download in a few seconds. You can find it from the Downloads folder of your PC or Mobile phone.

T.VST59S.63KP Firmware
T.VST59S.63KP Firmware
Board BrandChina/Universal
Board ModelT.VST59S.63KP QT563KP
Panel Voltages5V, 12V
Input Voltage220V AC
Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
USB UpgradeYes

T.VST59S.63KP Firmware Download

File DescriptionDownload Link
T.VST59S.63KP-QT563KP-JBV-32 Inch-DumpDownload
T.VST59S.63KP-QT563KP-Samsung-3D-32 Inch-DumpDownload
T.VST59S.63KP-QT563KP-Samsung-40 Inch-DumpDownload
T.VST59S.63KP-QT563KP-Sony-3D-32 Inch-DumpDownload
T.VST59S.63KP-QT563KP-Sony-32 Inch-DumpDownload
T.VST59S.63KP-QT563KP-Yushchenko JL-32X-DumpDownload

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