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T.VST59S.82 Software Free Download (All Resolutions)

Hello, Friends welcome to soft4led.com In today’s post we are going to see a useful collection of T.VST59S.82 Software Firmware and Dump files that will be available for free of cost download. You are able to get any file absolutely free from this post, No registration is required before downloading. T.VST59S.82 Firmware Software and Dump files All resolutions are available here for you. You can easily download any file from this site by just doing a single click on the download button.

Guys, First you need to find the datasheet of your screen panel and note down the resolution of the panel, it may be 1366×768 or 1920×1080. So once if you know the resolution of your panel then see the exact T.VST59S.82 Software files in the below table. If you found it then just a single click on the download button and the file will be download after taking a few seconds.

T.VST59S.82 Software Free Download
T.VST59S.82 Software Free Download
Board BrandChina/Universal
Board ModelT.VST59S.82
Main ChipTSUMV59XUS-Z1
Voltage to Panel5V, 12V
Input Voltage12v
T.VST59S.82 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
USB UpgradeYes

T.VST59S.82 Software Download

File DescriptionDownload Link

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