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TP.ATM50.PB818 Firmware Download

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on TP.ATM50.PB818 firmware download! If you own an LCD/LED TV equipped with the TP.ATM50.PB818 main board, you’re in for a treat. This article aims to provide you with a detailed overview of the firmware/software available for this specific main board, allowing you to maximize its potential and enhance your viewing experience.

The TP.ATM50.PB818 main board is widely utilized in LCD/LED TVs across various brands, and its firmware plays a crucial role in delivering optimal performance. By keeping your firmware up to date, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including improved stability, enhanced functionality, bug fixes, new features, and even support for higher resolutions.

The TP.ATM50.PB818 is a versatile smart LED TV board for Android devices, offering a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. It is equipped with a powerful WiFi system, making it convenient for network connectivity. This smart FHD TV board operates on the Android platform and provides a range of impressive features for an entertaining experience. Its wide screen enhances visual quality, and the SMART features enhance usability.

The TP.ATM50.PB818 Smart Board includes dual A/V ports, dual USB interface ports, and an HDMI port, allowing for versatile connectivity options. It also features a LAN/RJ45 Connector interface port for wired internet connections. Additionally, this board is a Combo Network Triple play board, incorporating a built-in Digital TV tuner.

The TP.ATM50.PB818 android board delivers excellent graphics and sound quality, along with a highly efficient response rate. While it can support LED panels up to 42″, it is recommended for optimal performance to use it with panels ranging from 28″ to 32″. Technicians can find the TP.ATM50.PB818 firmware file below to assist them in their work.

TP.ATM50.PB818 Firmware
TP.ATM50.PB818 Firmware

TP.ATM50.PB818 Specification

Brand/MarkUniversal Android WIFI Network Drive Smart Board
Main BoardTP.ATM50.PB818
Main Chipsetaml920
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0
CPU Frequency1.2GHz
GPU Frequency432MHz
RAM512 Mb
Backlight80W 450MA
Resolutionup to 1920×1080
Screen Size supported28 to 32 Inch
Audio Output power2x8W
Input Voltage200-240V AC
Firmware TypeUSB Updateable Firmware

Download TP.ATM50.PB818 Firmware

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