TP.MS358.PC821 Software Free Download (All Resolutions)


Hi, Are you searching for TP.MS358.PC821 Software Free Download? well Today in this post, we have uploaded this firmware/software for free. We have provided here some tested resolutions like TP.MS358.PC821-Elite 50DN5-Cv500u1-T01. You can use this firmware for Elite 50DN5 Led Tv Model and Cv500u1-T01 Panel. So, please first match this software with your own board and panel then download and install it.

TP.MS358.PC821 Software Free Download
TP.MS358.PC821 Software Free Download

TP.MS358.PC821 Specefications

BrandFHD Smart LED TV Board
Panel Size59 to 65 Inches
Panel Power12V
Ram512 MB / 1 GB
Rom4 GB / 8 GB
CPUQuad-Core A35
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4
OSD LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Service Menu CodeMenu 1147

TP.MS358.PC821 Software Update Guide

It is a very easy task to install/update firmware/software in TP.MS358.PC821 Smart Led tv board, you have to follow some steps to install/update firmware successfully without any problem. If you are a beginner then we would recommend you, please don’t try to update or install this firmware. if you do, we will not be responsible for any loss/damage.

  • After downloading your required software resolutions Copy it to a formatted USB Drive
  • Now, Insert USB to the smart motherboard and plugin the main 220v power source
  • After that, press the start button on the Led tv board’s keyboard and wait for some seconds
  • After waiting, Red Led light should be started blinking, red to green, green to red
  • When Led stops glowing, Press the power on the remote, and use your remote to start your led tv

TP.MS358.PC821 Firmware/Software Download

FirmwareDownload Link
TP.MS358.PC821-Elite 50DN5-Cv500u1-T01Download


  1. i have 50 inch led with TP.MS 358.PC 821 board in in this software is nothing Google Play store but some thing aptoide store but i want to change the software to install google play services plz advise.


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