TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware Free Download


Hi, Are you searching for TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware then this is the right and best place for you to get this firmware for free. In this post, you will get TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware/Software easily, it is available to download with a click. So, guys, we have provided here some resolutions of TP.MT5522S.PC822 Smart Board like TP_MT5522S PC822_POLAR-43PU11TC-SM_HV430QUB-N4E, TP-MT5522S-PC822_POLAR-50PU11TC, and more, you can check in the below table. Please use this software t your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage.

TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware Free Download
TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware Free Download

How to Update TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware

If you want to update TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware without any problem then you have to follow some steps carefully one by one.

1- Download the file and copy it to the empty USB

2- Take the USB and Insert it into the motherboard

3- Power on LED TV and switch on the main button

4- Now, the LED light should start glowing

5- When everything stops glowing, remove the USB

6- Software is installed, Enjoy

TP.MT5522S.PC822 Firmware Download

  • TP.MT5522S.PC822-POLAR-43PU11TC-SM-HV430QUB-N4E | Download
  • TP.MT5522S_PC822-POLAR-50PU11TC | Download

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  1. hi, can you give me an information for install this firmware when the tv is locked in WISDOM SHARE logo? because does not recognize the file .pkg of this software, it is possible to be a rename the file with another name for enter in upgrading mode?, or maybe push power button or sequence in remote control?

    any help has been apreciated



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