VS.TP56U22.2 Firmware Download


The VS.TP56U22.2 is a cutting-edge analog combo LCD/LED driver controller board designed specifically for 27-32 inch TVs. Its exceptional features, including backlight adjustment, Mirroring option, and Logo capture, set it apart from other controller boards in the market. The board is particularly well-suited for the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, where it delivers outstanding performance and functionality.

With a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD, the TP56U22.2 ensures a high-quality viewing experience with sharp details and vibrant colors. Its 3-in-1 design combines video, power, and LED driver functions, streamlining the overall system and enhancing efficiency. This integration enables seamless picture quality and efficient power management, making it an excellent choice for television manufacturers and consumers alike.

The backlight adjustment feature of the VS.TP56U22.2 allows users to customize the brightness and contrast levels according to their preferences, ensuring optimal viewing in various lighting conditions. The Mirroring option is another standout feature, enabling users to connect their mobile devices or laptops to the TV and display content on a larger screen. Additionally, the Logo capture feature is beneficial for businesses, as it allows them to display their own branding or logo on the TV screen, enhancing their promotional efforts.

VS.TP56U22.2 Firmware Download
VS.TP56U22.2 Firmware Download

VS.TP56U22.2 Specification

Model NumberVS.TP56U22.2
Screen Supported27-32 inch
Resolutionup to 1920×1080@60Hz
Audio Output6w*2
Video SystemPAL, SECAM
Backlight Voltage30V-65V
Backlight Current210-600mA
Max Output Power50W
Mirror OptionYes
Backlight AdjustmentYes
Panel Voltage12V, 5V
AC Input PowerAC90V-AC264V
Standby Consumption< 0.5W
Output Power Consumption50W
Service MenuInput + 308

Download VS.TP56U22.2 Firmware

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