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CV338H-A42 Software

Hello Guys, how are you? if you are searching for CV338H-A42 Software then this is the best site to download all resolutions of cv338h-a42 software Files. Here are available some CV338H A42 upgrade files like cv338h-a42 1366×768, cv338h-a42 1920×1080, and more that are easily available to download for your personal use. You can use these files to update or install firmware in the CV338H_A42 Smart Led Tv board. All the resolutions are fully tested and easy to download, but I would recommend you install them at your own risk.

We provide Universal/Chinese Smart Led tv Board Software/Firmware files for free on this site, If you want to download, this site will be very helpful for you. Many more things are available here like LCD/LED TV Firmware, EMMC Pinouts, COF Datasheets, LCD/LED TV Board Schematic Diagram and Datasheets and many more. In this post, we just availed cv338h-a42 firmware, if you want more, please search on this site.

CV338H-A42 Software
CV338H-A42 Software

CV338H-A42 Specifications

Brand: Universal Smart Board

Model: CV338H-A42

CPU: Dual Core

Os: Android

Rom: 4GB

Ram: 512MB

Board Size: 15×19 cm

Resolution: upto 1920×1080

Service Menu Code: Press, Menu+114

CV338H A42 Software Update

It is an easy task to update CV338H-A42 Software. Just follow some steps to update software without any problem. but If you are new then don’t try to install or update the firmware. If you do then we are not responsible for any problem.

1- Download al the parts of your required resolution and extract them in a single folder to get a BIN file.

2- After that, Take a USB and format it at fat32, Copy CtvUpgrade.bin file into USB and insert it into CV338H-A42 Smartboard.

3- Now, PLuin the main power switch and press the button and hold for some seconds, Led light will start blinking

4- When Led light stops blinking, power of Led Tv and remove USB and then again power on you Leed TV, now it is ready to use.

How to Download

It is an easy task to download firmware/software of CV338h a42. After following some steps, you will be able to download it easily. We have made a video on how to download software files form this website. CLICK HERE to watch the video to learn how to download firmware.

CV338h-A42 EMMC Pinout: CLICK HERE to download

CV338h-A42 pdf: CLICK HERE to find

CV338H-A42 Firmware Download

Available: CV338H-A42 1366×768 and CV338H-A42 1920×1080

File DescriptionDownload Link

Download More:



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