ALL LCD/LED TV Service Menu Codes (All Latest 2022)


Hi, All LCD/LED TV Service Menu Codes. Service Menu allows you to access and control advanced settings on your LED TV. you can change advanced settings in your Tv using the service mode of your Led tv. In this post, We will give you service menu codes for all tv brands. If you want to change advanced settings in your tv, then you have to go to the service mode of your led tv using the service menu code.

Here we have also provided the all tv service menu code pdf file you to use for the next time.

This is also known as secret Menu in Led Tv. You can change advanced settings in your tv like many features can enable disable using service mode, we can change LVDs Settings and many more things. We would recommend you to don’t try to open this secret service mode if you are new.

all tv service menu code pdf

Below we have provided the download link of the all tv service menu code pdf so you can easily get it from the button below.

If you have the universal board then most universal smart/non-smart led tv board service mode can be open with these codes, please try one by one

Menu + 1147

Menu+ 2580

How to Open Service Menu in Universal/Chinse Board

If you have universal/china smart/non-smart led tv board and you want to open service mode/factory setting then please follow some steps to open it.

1- Start You led tv and take a remote

3- Press the Menu button on your remote

3- Now, Press 1, 1, 4 and 7 within 3 seconds

4- After this, the service mod of your led tv will be opened

NOTE: I have used a normal universal board that can open the service menu by this code Menu+1147, in your case you have to enter exact code here the list of service menu codes and board models. Please first select your model and see the code.

All Service Menu Codes:


Here is the List Of Smart Universal Led TV Board Moels with Service Code

CV338H-A Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV338H-A32 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV338H-A42 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV338H-A50 Service Menu Code Source 2580
CV338H-Q50 Service Menu Code
CV338H-U42 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV338H-U50 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV338H-D42 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV338H-D50 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV338H-T42 Service Menu Code
CV338H-T50 Service Menu Code
CV338H-T Service Menu Code
CV828H-A Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV950H-A42 Service Menu Code Input/Source 2580
CV950H-A50 Service Menu Code
CV6586H-A50 Service Menu Code
CV6308H-C Service Menu Code
CV6586H-A Service Menu Code
CV628H-A Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV628H-B42 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV638H-B50 Service Menu Code
CV628H-A50 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV628H-T42 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
CV538H-Q50 Service Menu Code
CV638H-B Service mode Code
CV638H-B50 Service mode Code
CV628H-A50 Service mode Code Menu 1147
CV638H-E42 Service mode Code
CV638H-D Service mode Code
CV638H-D50 Service mode Code
TP.MS338.PB801 Service mode Code Menu 1147
TP.MS338.PB802 Service mode Code Menu 1147
TP.MS338.PB803 Service mode Code Menu 1147
TP.MS338E.PB803 Service mode Code
TP.MS338.PB818 Service mode Code Menu 147
TP.MS338.PB819 Service mode Code Menu 147
TP.MS338.PC821 Service modeMenu 1147
TP.MS338.PC822 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.MS358.PB801 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.MS358.PB818 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.MS358.PC821 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.MS608.P82 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.MS608.P83 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.MS608.PB831 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.MS628.PC821 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147/2580
TP.MS628.PB803 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147/2580
TP.MS638.PC821 Service Menu CodeMenu 147
TP.MS638.PC822 Service mode Menu 147
TP.HV310.PB801 Service Menu CodeMenu 147
TP.HV320.PB801 Service Menu CodeMenu 147
TP.HV320.PB818 Service Menu CodeMenu 147
TP.HV510.81 Service Menu Code
TP.HV510.PC821 Service Menu CodeSource 2580
TP.HV510.PC822 Service mode Source 2580
TP.HV530.PC821 Service Menu CodeSource 2580
TP.HV553.PC821 Service Menu Code
TP.MT5510S.PB802 Service mode
TP.MT5510S.PB803 Service mode
T.MS6586T.751 Service Menu Code
LDD.H510.A Service Menu Code
LDD.H510.B Service mode
LDD.H310.A48 Service Menu Code
LD.H510.A Service Menu Code
TP.RT2982.PB801 Service Menu CodeMenu 8893
TP.RT2982.PC821 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147/2580
TP.RT2982.PD811 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147/2580
T.HV553.81 Service Menu Code
T.MT5508.U801 Service Menu Code
TP.HV510.P81 Service Menu Code
T.MS608.61 Service Menu CodeSource+2580
HK-T.RT2968P61 Service Menu Code
HK.T.NT72667V01 Service Menu Code
TP.MS3686.PC821 Service Menu Code
P50-338TV5.0 Service Menu Code
P75-2841V6.0 Service Menu Code
TP.7366M6.PB83 Service Menu Code
TP.MS628.PD66 Service Menu Code Menu 1147/2580
QT5A3LP V1.1 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
QT5A3LP V1.5 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
QT5A3LP V2.0 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.MT5505.PB801 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
TP.MT5505.PD811 Service Menu Code Menu+1147
TP.MT5505.PB811 Service Menu Code Menu+1147
TP.MT5507.PC821 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
TP.MT5507.PB801 Service Menu Code Menu 1147
TP.RT2984T.PC821 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147/2580
TP.R69 PD64 Service mode Menu 1147
CV59SH-A Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59TH-A32 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59SH-G39 Service mode Menu 1147
CV59SH-G32 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59SH-Q32 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59SH-A39 Service mode Menu 1147
CV59SH-D Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59L-E Service mode
CV59SH-E32 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59L-C Service mode
CV59SH-U39 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59SH-U32 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59SH-ASM Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CV59SH.A32 Service mode Menu 1147
CV56BL.Q24 Service Menu CodeInput/Source 2580
CV56BH.Q42 Service Menu CodeInput/Source 2580
CV56BH.Q28 Service Menu CodeInput/Source 2580
VS.TP56U61.2 Service Menu CodeInput 2580
VS.TP53U71.2 Service Menu CodeInput 208
VS.TP53U61.2 Service Menu CodeInput 208
VS.SP35851 Service Menu CodeSource/Input 208
VS.T53U21.2 Service Menu CodeInput 208
VS.T5964.81 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
VS.T56U11.2 Service Menu CodeInput 208
SKR.03 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
SKR.801 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
SKR.816 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
SKR.819 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59.PB753 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.V56.PA673 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.V56.PB816 Service Menu CodeInput/Source 2580
TP.V56.PB826 Service Menu CodeInput/Source 2580
TP.V56.PA671 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.V56.PB726 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.V56.PB801 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
CVMV29L-F Service Menu Code
TP.VST59.P67 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59.PA671 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59S.P89 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59S.PB712 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59S.PB802 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.VST56C.PB818 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59S.PC1 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.VST69S.P82 Service Menu Code
TP.VST69T.PB901 Service mode
TP.VST59S.PB801 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59S.PB816 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.VST59S.P79 Service Menu Code
TP.VST59.PB819 Service mode Menu 2008
TP.VST59.P63 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
TP.VST59S.PB813 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.R83.03 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.R85.031 v.09 Service mode Menu 1147
T.R83.031 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.R85.031 Service mode Menu 1147
T.RD8503.03 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.R85.801 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.R85.816 Service mode Menu 1147
T.R85.A81 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.R85.819 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.R85.671 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.RD8501.03 Service mode Menu 1147
T.V56C.01 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.V56.03 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.V56.81 Service mode Menu 1147
T.V56.A8 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.V56.03 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
ITV.V59.801 Service mode Menu 1147
ITV.V59.031.13 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
ITV.V59.PA671 Service mode Menu 1147
ITV.V59.031 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.VST29.A3B Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
T.VST59.62 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.RD8501.568 Service mode Menu 1147
TP.RD8503.PB819 Service mode Menu 1147/2008
LAD.MV9.P Service Menu Code
LAD.MV56U.B48 Service mode
LAD.MV9.R Service menu Code
T.VST59.A81 Service menu Code
T.VST29.03 Service mode
T.VST59.A10 Service menu Code
T.VST59S.21 Service menu Code
T.VST59.031 Service menu Code
T.M3663.81 Service mode
RR8503.03D Service menu Code
TP.RD8503.PB819 Service mode
LAD.MV59S.G Service menu Code
GSDXLI3TO-V1.1 Service menu Code
GSD63I3T0 Service mode
JRX-56BL-L Service menu Code
GSD59ITO-V1.0 Service mode
TSUX9V5.1-A Service menu Code
TP.RD8503.PA671 Service menu Code
ATV.V59.A81.13 Service menu Code
CV9202H-D Service menu Code
V.TV9G.02Service mode
CV181H Service menu Code
MSD338STV5.0 Service menu Code Source 2580
T.MS608.P83 Service mode
TP.S512.PB83 Service menu Code
TP.RD8503.PB801 Service mode

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  1. Sir hi hamare crown tv ka service menu code nahi mil raha hai bahut koshis Karne ke baad bhi ham Jan bhi led tv ko factory reset screen rotated ho jata hai aisa Kyun aur usko thik karne ke liye service menu code dalna padta hai iska code nahin mil raha hai problem slowed kijiye yah is number per 8658425631 call kijiye aur bataiye turant

  2. If someone can tell me how to access the service menu for a Digihome 50″ (non-smart) TV bought in 2017 that would be great, I’m trying to solve a colour balance issue with the panel and am hoping the options in the service menu will allow me to do this rather than having to buy a whole new TV to replace one that otherwise is working perfectly.


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