CV960XH-A50 4K UHD Firmware Free Download


Do you in search of CV960XH-A50 Firmware for Free Download? If yes then this is the right website for you to get all resolutions for free cost. CV960XH-A50 is the best High-Quality Universal 4K Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV Board. It can support the 3840×2160 resolution and can be used for 50/60 Hz Display Panels. If you want to connect the Internet with this Board then there are two. The first one is a Wireless Connection system that is WiFI, second one is Wired connection that is a wire connection with the RJ45 connector. The board has Three HDMI Ports and two USB Ports.

The Platform that the Smart Board use is Android 7.1. CV960XH-A50 Smart LED TV Board comes with 1 Gigabyte RAM and 8 Gigabytes ROM. This Smart LED TV Board also has multiple Input and Output ports to connect different devices with this board. Like PC, Audio Speakers, and others. You will see some common ports in this SmartBoard. Like 3-HDMI POrts, 2-USB Ports, VGA Port to connect PC, A/V Port, and more. The CV960XH-A50 Smart Board mostly used in some models of Magic LED TV Brand.

So Guys Today you will here multiple useful Resolution BIN files for CV960XH-A50 Firmware. Here are available CV960XH-A50-3840×2160-1G-8G, 3840×2160-Magic-58-1G_8G, and more for Free Download. All these Firmware Software files are USB Updateable. It means even if you have not any Bios Programmer. But still, you can update the CV960XH-A50 firmware easily using the USB Disk Drive. If you want another resolution for this smart led tv board which is not available here. Then you can request us ion the comment section. We will try to avail of it as soon as possible.

CV960XH-A50 4K UHD Firmware Free Download
CV960XH-A50 4K UHD Firmware Free Download

CV960XH-A50 Specifications

Main Board BrandUniversal Smart 4K UHD
TV Board ModelCV960XH-A50
Supported Resolution3840×2160
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1
RAM in GB1 Gigabyte
ROM in GB8 Gigabytes
CPU – ProcessorQuad Core
Number of HDMI Ports3
Number of USB Ports2
WiFi ConnectionYES
RJ 45 ConnectorYES
Input Voltages220V AC
Firmware typeUSB Updateable

How to Update CV960XH-A50 Firmware

Now let’s start talking about CV960XH-A50 Firmware Update using the USB Disk Drive. As I already said it is a USB updatable firmware. So you have not to need a Programmer to do this installation or updating the firmware. Take any 2.0 or 3.0 USB Disk Drive and format it using the fat32 format system. After that, Download the Exact resolution according to your SmartBoard and the Display Panel. Now, it will be in a RAR file format, you can use the WinRAR software. To extract it in Windows or Android Operating System. After that follow the below steps one by one.

  • Copy .BIN file form the Folder to he USB Disk Drive
  • Plug out the Main Switch of your Smart LED TV Board
  • Connect the USB Disk Drive with the Smartboard
  • Now, Plugin the main switch again wait for some seconds
  • If you see the red light is started blinking then wait
  • After waiting for two to three minutes the Software will be installed
  • Remove USB and turn on the LED TV with the help of Remote Control

How to Download CV960XH-A50 Firmware

First, Now down your LED TV mainboard model and the screen panel model number. And go to the Panelook website to see all the details of your screen panel. You have to match the resolution, panel size, and other specifications of your Panel with the resolution that is available on this post. If you have found the exact resolution firmware accordingly then click the download button it is very easy to download. I am sure you will not see any problem in downloading. But still, if you have seen then you can comment on this post. We will try to fix the problem.

FirmwareDownload Link

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  1. Descargue el CV960XH-A50-3840×2160-Magic-58-1G-8G y aparevio unas letras árabes o algo así y ahora mi pantalla no prende ni con el botón de la tv me podrían ayudar es una JVC SI50US

  2. Tambien Descargue el CV960XH-A50-3840×2160-Magic-58-1G-8G y los otros 2 archivos para el mismo modelo de TV y ahora todo esta en Arabe o algo asi ademas que mi pantalla tiene duplicada la imagenn me podrían ayudar es una JVC SI50US

  3. Utiliza el ultimo menu…hasta abajo, que parece un engrane. Despues selecciona el menu de las letras ABC, selecciona el priumer renglon en arabe, y posteriormente de arriba hacia abajo la opcion 4….quedara en ingles.


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