MST6X16 Firmware Software Download


The MST6x16 is a straightforward ATV Driver Motherboard specifically designed for LCD/LED TVs. It is primarily intended for use in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East markets. This motherboard is classified as a Non-Combo Board, meaning that the main power module and LED Backlight Inverter Circuit module need to be obtained separately. However, the ATV Card is already integrated into this motherboard.

The MST6x16 board includes all the essential features required for modern TVs, such as HDMI input, USB interface, PC input, Component Input, TV, and Scart. Various versions of this board have been released to the market to accommodate hardware and software changes. For the convenience of technicians, the firmware files for MST6x16 are provided below to offer support during troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

MST6X16 Firmware Software Download
MST6X16 Firmware Software Download

MST6X16 Specification

Brand/MarkUniversal Board
Main Chip
LED BacklightmA
Flash IC1Mb/2Mb
Sound Chip
Tuner ICCDT-3FP212-01
Screen supportedinch
ResolutionUp to 1920×1080
Panel Voltage5V, 12V
Power InputExternal

Download MST6X16 Firmware Software

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