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P75-628VX V6.0 Software Free Download

Hi, Guys, This post has given P75-628VX V6.0 Software all resolutions for free download. Here are available all tested resolutions and all are USB updateable firmware files of P75-628VX V6.0 Smart LED TV board. Many people said to me for this firmware finally is freely available here to download. Guys here are also available many more LED TV board models firmware for free of cost download. In this post, you will get some useful and best resolutions of P75-628VX V6.0 Software. So download the BIN file from the below table by clicking the download button.

P75-628VX V6.0 Software
P75-628VX V6.0 Software

P75-628VX V6.0 Specifications

Board BrandSmart Universal
Main BoardP75-628VX V6.0
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4
Panel Size1366×768 and 1920×1080
Panel Volatges32″ 65″
Panel Voltages12V
CPUA7 4-Core
Input Votages100 to 240V AC

How to Update P75-628VX V6.0 Firmware

Are you finding a way to install the firmware in P75-628VX V6.0 SmartBoard? Don’t worry here I am showing you a proper easy way to install the firmware easily. I am showing here some steps you should follow carefully and it will be your responsibility if you do any step in the wrong way. So let’s get started.

  • Download your firmware from the table below
  • get an empty USB Flash and connect with to your PC
  • Now move the Firmware BIN to the USB Flash
  • Insert the Flash Disk into the motherboard
  • Now, Connect the power to the motherboard
  • Wait for some seconds, Software is being started
  • The IR light will start glowing
  • Hen it stops glowing remove the USB

P75-628VX V6.0 Firmware Download

  • P75-628VX V6.0-1366×768-Nautical | Download
  • P75-628VX V6.0-1366×768-Vietnam | Download
  • P75-628VX V6.0-1920X1080-1G-4G-ENIE | Download
  • P75-628VX V6.0-1920×1080-Iraq-1G-4G | Download
  • P75-628VX V6.0-1920×1080-SAUDI | Download
  • P75-628VX V6.0-ONIDA 43FIS-India | Download
  • P75-628VX V6.0-ONIDA LEO32HAIN-1366×768 | Download

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9 thoughts on “P75-628VX V6.0 Software Free Download”

  1. For Admin,
    Already you informed that the s/w for 43 FIS will be updated very soon. But even after six months you have not updated and could not download the link. If you updated s/w was not given within Dec 2022, Onida company name will be spoiled since most of the old version TVs are kept idle in houses since we could not see the you tube and so on. Be work fast and take immediate steps for upgradation of s/w from android version 4.4 to atleast to 10.

    • Sure Dear, We have recorded your request
      But it would take some for us to update all the software files on this website, we are already in the process.
      We have a huge database, so it would take a little bit of time to update all. Thanks!

  2. Dear Admin
    Is it possible to upgrade RAM from 512 MB to 2 GB in Onida Live Genius 43 FIS TV. Since Video Streaming is not continuous while seeing the You Tube Videos and other Videos

  3. Respected Sir,
    As per the above said procedure I have tried to install the new s/w for Onida 43 FIS TV on 26 & 27.07.2023 and the same bin “file format is not supported” and hence I could not install the modified s/w in my Onida 43 FIS TV. Kindly guide me and pl. try to install the same in your same TV and give feedback to me.

    Thaking you sir

  4. Dear Admin,

    No response for my feedback and I am really sorry for that. Shall I try to download the same s/w through NET UPDATE using my ONIDA 43 FIS TV. Shall it possible sir Give feedback through my email ID sir. Already I convert the .rar file to .bin file and tried the same to install but I could not install.

  5. Dear Admin,
    14 days passed away. There is no response for my feedback. Whether you have tested the s/w for Onida 43 FIS TV or not. Pl. confirm. Your Onida TV is in the corner of my house eventhough it is working OK. Without s/w updation I couldnot use the TV. Sales after service is very very important for any company. Then only the product will be survival in the market. Pl. guide immediately.


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