TP.MS3553T.PB759 Firmware Download


The TP.MS3553T.PB759 is a motherboard specifically designed for LCD/LED TVs and is targeted towards the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets. It is a Combo Board, meaning it integrates multiple essential components into a single motherboard. This motherboard incorporates the main power module, LED Backlight Inverter Circuit module, and ATV Card, eliminating the need for separate installations of these components.

In terms of features, the TP.MS3553T.PB759 board is equipped with various inputs and interfaces to meet the latest requirements. It includes HDMI input for high-definition multimedia connectivity, USB interface for external device connections, PC input for using the TV as a computer monitor, Component Input for analog video signals, and TV and Scart inputs for versatile connection options. Additionally, this motherboard comes with an inbuilt T-CON, which is responsible for controlling the timing and signals sent to the display panel.

To assist technicians in their work, firmware files for the TP.MS3553T.PB759 board are provided. These firmware files are essential for updating and maintaining the software on the motherboard, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with different TV models and functionalities. Technicians can utilize these firmware files to troubleshoot issues, apply software updates, or customize the functionality of the motherboard according to specific requirements.

TP.MS3553T.PB759 Firmware Download

TP.MS3553T.PB759 Specification

Brand/MarkUniversal Board
Main ChipMSD3553
ProductLED TV
LED Backlight320mA
Flash IC4Mb
Sound Chip
Tuner IC
Screen supported32 inch
ResolutionUp to 1920×1080
Panel Voltage5V, 12V
Power Input220V AC

Download TP.MS3553T.PB759 Firmware

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