TP.MS3663T.PB757 Firmware Download


The TP.MS3663T.PB757 is an advanced LCD/LED TV Driver Board that offers a versatile range of features. One notable aspect is its dual memory configuration, comprising SPI memory for non-smart functionalities and Nand memory for smart capabilities. This arrangement allows the board to adapt to different hardware and software setups, providing users with a customizable experience. Additionally, the board can be equipped with a dual tuner, enabling users to access multiple channels simultaneously.

In terms of connectivity, the TP.MS3663T.PB757 driver board excels with its comprehensive array of interfaces. It includes HDMI, USB, Scart, AV, and RF ports, ensuring seamless integration with various external devices and peripherals. However, it’s worth noting that the board lacks a VGA interface, which may be a consideration for users requiring VGA connectivity. To further assist technicians in utilizing this driver board, the software files associated with the TP.MS3663T.PB757 are shared in the post, providing valuable support and resources for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.

Overall, the TP.MS3663T.PB757 LCD/LED TV Driver Board combines cutting-edge technology and versatile connectivity options to deliver a high-quality viewing experience. Its dual memory configuration, along with the possibility of a dual tuner, offers flexibility in adapting to different hardware and software configurations. With its wide range of connectivity interfaces, the board ensures seamless integration with external devices. Although lacking a VGA interface, the shared software files in the post serve as a valuable resource for technicians, enabling efficient support and maintenance of this advanced driver board.

TP.MS3663T.PB757 Firmware Download
TP.MS3663T.PB757 Firmware Download

TP.MS3663T.PB757 Specification

Brand/MarkChina Universal
Main Chipset
ProductLED TV
Panel32 to 40 Inch
Backlight300mA 48 W
HDMI Ports2
Tuner1 (2nd optional)
USB Ports2
VGA PortNo
Scart1 (Optional)
DTS Studio Sound™Yes
Analog Audio OutAV Out
Digital Audio Out (SPDIF)Yes
Service Code
Flash SizeSPI 8 Mb OR Nand 132 Mb

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