TP.MSD309.BPS88 Firmware Download


Welcome to our comprehensive blog post, where we provide you with the ultimate solution for optimizing the performance of your TP.MSD309.BPS88 LCD/LED TV Main board. If you own a television with this particular main board model, you’re in luck! We understand the importance of keeping your TV up to date with the latest firmware and software, which is why we have compiled a collection of firmware downloads for all resolutions. With these downloads, you’ll be able to unlock a world of enhanced features, improved functionality, and an overall superior viewing experience.

The TP.MSD309.BPS88 is a versatile LCD/LED Board designed to support Full HD resolution of up to 1920×1080. It combines the main power supply, ATV board, and LED backlight driver board into a single integrated PCB, making it a convenient combo board. For technicians, the firmware files are provided below to assist in their work.

TP.MSD309.BPS88 Firmware
TP.MSD309.BPS88 Firmware

TP.MSD309.BPS88 Specification

Brand/MarkChina Universal
Main ChipMSD309
ProductLED TV
Input Voltage220V AC
Backlight Volt
MAX Backlight Watt65W
Backlight Current
Resolutionup to 1920×1080
Flash size8 MB
Service MenuMenu 8888

Download TP.MSD309.BPS88 Firmware

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