TP56U91.2 Firmware Download


TP56U91.2 is a versatile analog combo LCD/LED driver controller board designed for TVs ranging from 18.5 to 24 inches in size. This cutting-edge board excels in its functionality, offering features such as backlight adjustment, Mirroring option, and Logo capture. It is particularly well-suited for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions. Supporting a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD, TP56U91.2 serves as a comprehensive 3-in-1 TV board, incorporating video, power, and LED driver capabilities.

TP56U91.2 Firmware Download
TP56U91.2 Firmware Download

TP56U91.2 Specification

Model NumberTP56U91.2
Main ChipTSUMV56
Screen Supported18.5-24 inch
Backlight Voltage
Backlight Current
Max Output Power50W
Mirror OptionYes
Backlight AdjustmentYes
Panel Voltage12V, 5V
AC Input PowerAC150V-AC264V
Standby Consumption< 0.5W
Output Power Consumption50W
Service MenuInput + 2580, 8869, 8893, 1147, 6964

Download TP56U91.2 Firmware

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